Mass drug administration campaign set for the North

PEOPLE of the Northern Division will get an opportunity to play a part in getting rid of diseases such as scabies, lymphatic filariasis and intestinal worms from the community.

This as the Ministry of Health and Medical Services rolls out a Mass Drug Administration campaign in the north through the Fiji Center for Communicable Disease Control.

The program will be held from July 1 to August 10.

Divisional Medical Officer Northern Dr Hariharasubramanian Veera explained that a Mass Drug Administration (MDA) is when everyone in a community takes medication to treat those who are affected as well as prevent these diseases from occurring in the future by stopping transmission from one person to another.

“This will protect you, your family, your friends and neighbours and it is an effective way of reducing the threat of these diseases”, he added.

WHO Neglected Tropical Disease technical officer Merelesita Qaniuci said this was a unique opportunity for the people of the Northern Division to play a part in getting rid of these diseases from the community.

This campaign is supported by Government Ministries, World Health Organisation and Murdoch Children’s Research Institute in Melbourne.

National Lymphatic Filariasis coordinator Vinaisi Bechu says lymphatic filariasis (LF) is a parasitic disease transmitted by mosquitoes.

It can cause significant swelling of limbs, breast, and genital organs.

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