Masons to assist families

THE Freemasonry organisation has announced a $50,000 contribution to help underprivileged and needy families in remote areas in Fiji.

Assistant Grand Master of the United Grand Lodge of England, Sir David Wootton made the announcement in Suva on Wednesday.

Sir David is in Fiji to celebrate with local Freemasons the 300th anniversary of the United Grant Lodge of England.

He said the funds had been sourced from a grand charity, the benevolent arm of the United Grand Lodge of England and Freemasons in Fiji.

“This donation is part of our tradition. We are very proud of making donations and other forms of support to people in need around the world and across all sections of society,” Sir David said.

“It is not the first donation we made in this part of the world. Following TC Winston in 2016, Freemasons gave $65,000, some of which came from Freemasons here, some of which came from the charity foundation in London.”

Lodge of Fiji senior member Ross McDonald said: “Locally we will identify where the need is and normally we give direct to that need so we are certain that we are giving the best value for every dollar that goes in.”

The Lodge of Fiji also hosted Sir David Wootton on Wednesday night as part of the celebration.

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