Mary’s current with her styles

Mary Biggs works on a client's hair at the Moksha Spa in Baravi on the Coral Coast. Picture: RAMA

Mary Biggs works on a client's hair at the Moksha Spa in Baravi on the Coral Coast. Picture: RAMA

ONE of the first things you’ll notice about Mary Biggs Lauta was her wide bula smile when she introduces herself.

Originally from Naselai Village in Tailevu, Mary works at the Moksha Spa at Baravi on the Coral Coast as a hairdresser.

Having been in the profession for the past 15 years, Mary believes that the most important character that any hairdresser should have is patience, and loads of it.

“In this profession you need a lot of patience because on a daily basis you will come across customers who will be either in a rush or undecided and not sure of what they want,” she said.

She says it is important for hairdressers to keep up with fashion trends when it comes to hairstyles because customers will want their hairdresser to know what hairstyle they are talking about.

There was a time when most people looked down on professions such as hairdressing and make-up artists, however the scenario has changed so much today with a great demand for qualified hairdressers with make-up and hairstylists.

“Now everyone, especially girls who are about to get married, look for good hairstylists and make-up persons for their birthday, graduation, engagement, wedding and reception.

“I have also done hairdressing/hairstyling for weddings and receptions and the demand for qualified hairdressers is just growing day after day.”

Mary finished her training course in hairdressing from Point Beauty Salon & Training School and worked for Outrigger Beach Resort Fiji and did freelance work too.

“I also did some work with Stanley Morrel and I am grateful for all the experience that I have gained over the years.”

The mother of four said she was in between jobs when she was “found” by her employer Susanna Ramji.

“I was at home at Naselai when I was contacted by Susanna, we had a meeting, and here I am today,” she said.

Mary loves doing what she does and says working at the spa has been great so far and expects things to get really busy once customers start making appointments with them in the busy season.

Her talents in hairdressing are not just limited to cutting and styling hair.

She has hair braiding too and shared an anecdote from one of her experiences where she had to braid a guest’s hair that was about waist-length.

“I did about 360 braids that day and by the time I finished, my knees had started swearing at me for putting them through the ordeal.”

Mary’s children live with her mother in Naselai and she goes home for a visit on her days off.

“Even when I am at home in the village and I see little girls running around with hair undone and flying all over the place, I just call them in and trim their hair and comb it nicely. I guess this habit just comes with the profession,” she said.

Mary says she loves doing what she does and plans to upskill her knowledge and talent by taking up short courses offered at the various accredited tertiary institutions.

“I aspire to be really good in what I do and I believe that it is important for me to be up-to-date with what’s happening and the current trends in hairdressing so that I am able to offer my customers the service and style they desire.”

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