Marshall Islands fines purse seiner for IUU fishing in Majuro waters

HONIARA, 26 JUNE 2018 (PNA TUNA MARKET WATCH) – A Philippines flagged purse seiner based in Papua New Guinea under RD Fishing Ltd. is paying a half-a-million-dollar fine for fishing illegally within Marshall Islands waters.

The Dolores was caught fishing within the 50-mile radius around Majuro Atoll, waters where commercial fishing is prohibited.

Marshall Islands Marine Resources Authority (MIMRA) recently concluded this enforcement action and one other fine of a vessel, while three different potential infractions by other fishing vessels are under investigation, according to MIMRA’s Legal Advisor Laurence Edwards, II.

In February, the Tuvalu-flagged Taina purse seiner was cited by MIMRA for entering Port Majuro without notifying MIMRA within 72 hours for tuna transshipment. It was fined US$50,0000.

In early April, two observers reported that Dolores 870 was fishing illegally in the RMI “fisheries exclusion zone,” areas within a 50-mile radius of Majuro and Kwajalein which are closed to commercial fishing. This violated the vessel’s fishing license and conditions of fishing access.

The Dolores 870 was fined US$500,000 and has agreed to pay.

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