Marketing Fiji golf to the world

GOLF has the potential of advertising and exposing Fiji to other parts of the world for more than eight hours per day for the four days of the Fiji International competition.

Smartech chief executive officer Vincent Nair highlighted this as one of the many positives of hosting a tournament such as the Fiji International.

“During the early planning sessions going back a number of years, the thought was how do we actually bring an event here that brought the hours of television attention per day that would basically take this country and put it in the homes of all these millions of people out there,” Nair said.

He said hosting a game of soccer, would only last for about 90 minutes and similarly too for rugby.

“We selected golf because it brought with it that eight hours of international and global television every day for four days.”

Nair said one could imagine that all those golf community countries around the world would not only be watching golf, but also the beautiful scenery that Fiji had to offer.

“Golf communities have the deeper pockets around the world, we know that.

“If you put that together and quantify the value of that, that what Fiji gets. Never before in the history of golf has this happened in Fiji. And today we have that. That’s the gateway for Fiji. Fiji was never presented in that light. So that’s the magic of this event. So when the minister talks on the economic returns for the investments. It’s hard to quantify that.”

He said Fiji would only be getting many returns from hosting a tournament such as the Fiji International.

On the same note Minister for Industry, Trade and Tourism Faiyaz Koya added, “Just remember this we have one of the greatest places in the world to surf and we also have one of the greatest places in the world to play golf.”

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