Market vendors take up Zumber to fight NCDs

WITH an effort to fight the spread of non-communicable diseases, the Labasa market vendors association has planned Zumba classes for its members this year.

Labasa Market Vendors and Farmers Association secretary Mareta Tagivakatini said the initiative was done after they found a lot of their time was spent on eating and sitting the whole day at the market.

Ms Tagivakatini said they could not find time for check-ups at the hospital because most members were too busy at the market.

“So instead of going up to the hospital and getting caught up in the long lines, we can have the health officers come over to the market and get us checked,” she said.

Ms Tagivakatini said even though they sold fresh vegetables and fruits in the market, they would end up with a lot of junk foods.

“I must admit that a lot of us have gone really huge and suffer from obesity because most of our time is spent eating and no proper exercises are done,” she said.

“Most of us begin our day in the early hours of the morning and we hardly have time for exercise, and I must say that most of us only visit the hospital when we are really sick.”

Ms Tagivakatini said with their plans to promote healthy living in the market, they thought of getting vendors to participate in Zumba classes.

“The idea of having Zumba classes for our vendors would in a way help us stay fit and healthy and most of all, we will be conscious of the food we eat,” she said.

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