Marist 7s: Laqekoro helps Saunaka side to victory

Update: 7:21PM HARDWORKING Sikeli Laqekoro pressed an opener way past the half time hooter, a break that led the team to win the Fiji Bitter Marist 7s 3rd and 4th place play-off at the ANZ Stadium in Suva tonight.

Laqekoro got his team to 5-10 trailing Ratu Filise in the lead at half time.

Laqekoro helped his team further at the opening of the second half with his team leading 12-10.

Another try by Saunaka stamped their placing winning 19-10 over Ratu Filise.

The two best teams Police led by Sitiveni Waqa and defending champs Tabadamu now ready to battle for the finals.

More detailed reports in tomorrow’s edition of The Fiji Times. 

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