Marine tabu plan

TUI Macuata Ratu Wiliame Katonivere believes the only way marine eco-systems can be sustained is if tabu, or restrictions, are implemented to protect the areas.

Ratu Wiliame was speaking at the Sustaining Fiji’s Great Sea Reef (GSR), an integrated response-solution to Build Resilience of Fiji’s Land, People and Oceans event organised by the World Wild Fund for Nature at the Fiji Pavilion in Bonn, Germany.

Being the custodian of the traditional fishing grounds in four districts — Dreketi, Macuata, Sasa and Mali — Ratu Wiliame said he had seen the benefits of a marine-protected area.

“Our traditional customs on conservation measures have benefited my people, ensuring that no one is left hungry, that there is enough food on the table and income to support families,” he said.

“The involvement of conservation organisations such as WWF led to the selection of communities within the GSR in 2004 to promote sustainable management practices of marine and land resources in the area.

“We are seeking Government support to acknowledge the importance of creating marine-protected areas, which is aligned to Government’s green-growth framework.”

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