Marine notice

ALL of Fiji’s ports have resume clearance and are now open according to the Maritime Safety Authority of Fiji.

Maritime Safety Authority of Fiji’s manager qualification and licensing and officer-in-charge, Captain Tomasi Kete confirmed the authority’s marine notice (no:13) had cleared all ports including Southern Lau which wasn’t cleared last week.

The authority had notified all ship masters, ship owners and ship agents for foreign and local ships, pilots, port management companies, operators, marinas and yacht clubs about the clearance.

Capt. Kete said the marine notice number 10/2020 and 11/2020 was now cancelled. “Small boat owners and masters are advised to take necessary precautionary measures to ensure that their boats are safe,” he said.

“Ship owners and masters of all ships are advised to take necessary precautionary measures towards the safety of your

Certain vessels have now been deployed to areas affected by Tropical Cyclone Harold supplying food ration and relief assistance with government personnel.

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