Manufacturer impressed with market share

Hindustan Pencils' international business manager Sachin Dhorajiya (closest to camera) speaks with the Motibhai Group sales team based in the Western Division during his visit to Fiji. Picture: SUPPLIED

EDUCATION is the fundamental need of any growing society and we feel a sense of pride in playing an important part towards promoting literacy in Fiji, says Sachin Dhorajiya of Hindustan Pencils.

Mr Dhorajiya who is the international business manager of Hindustan Pencils — the largest stationery manufacturer in the subcontinent — was recently in the country to meet various business stakeholders said he was deeply impressed with the market share gained by the company via its renowned brand Nataraj which is now a household name not only in India but Fiji as well.

“We have been promoting education in Fiji via our Nataraj brand since the year 2000 and our strong association and distribution network via Motibhai Group has enabled us to reach nearly every home, office and school in Fiji,” Mr Dhorajiya said.

“Across the globe, the Nataraj brand is present in more than 60 countries and growing,” Mr Dhorajiya added.

He said things got really exciting when Motibhai Group took the distribution agency of the renowned brand.

“We see it as a perfect marriage, a marriage where Hindustan Pencils is engaged into providing high quality stationery items at really affordable prices and our partners — Motibhai Group are engaged in making it available to the farthest corners of Fiji,” Mr Dhorajiya added.

He said being the first official to visit Fiji from Hindustan Pencils which also marked its 60th year of business operations, he was really impressed with the market engagement and also the beauty of our isles together with the friendliness of our people.

“Travelling across Fijian cities and interacting with all stakeholders, I realised that the products are very much liked by consumers and there is a very high sense of brand appreciation.

“We believe this is the fundamental key to be successful for any business in any market. The visit has provided a perfect platform for imparting basic product knowledge among the sales team who are the actual face of our brand in the market,” Mr Dhorajiya said.

He said the visit had also helped in charting out key strategic directions which would further help growth and achieve newer milestones and a promising future.

“A great vote of thanks to the enthusiastic and dynamic team Motibhai.”

Producing ten million pencils a day, Hindustan Pencils is all set to strengthen its share in the Fijian market by introducing new lines soon.

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