Manual to measure progress of disabled children

A PACIFIC Indicators for Disability-Inclusive Education (Pacific-INDIE) manual was launched in Suva yesterday by the Pacific Disability Forum (PDF) in partnership with the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT), and the Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat (PIFS).

The manual aims to measure the progress of children with disabilities at national, regional, school and community levels.

Fiji is one of four Pacific Island countries that will have the program monitored in its education sector.

“This will help in the inclusion of children with disabilities in the Fiji education system. How best they can be supported,” said the Pacific Disability Forum CEO Setareki Macanawai.

He said the manual contained indicators to help educators monitor children with disabilities and how they were benefiting from the education system.

According to a recent study, it found that less than 10 per cent of children with disability in the Pacific accessed any form of education, thus 90 per cent of children with disabilities are out of school.

The research manual is expected to help educators in Fiji to use the indicators provided to move disability-inclusive education forward.

Some of the noted challenges in Fiji’s education system included the lack of staff service to identify children with disabilities in their schools and teachers had to become well versed in inclusive education.

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