Manpower in the maritime industry

THE maritime industry in Fiji has the manpower to successfully take the industry to greater heights.

This was highlighted by Victoria Marine Ltd director Josateki Tagi, who is a marine engineer by profession.

Mr Tagi who was a former director of FIMSA in Fiji said Fijians had the maritime knowledge to improve the industry, but most people just needed to only start off somewhere.

“In the last ten years there has been a lot of training that was done and there was a lot of exposure by the local mariners serving on local boats doing attachment.

“This simply shows that there is a lot of knowledge and experience out there. Most of these well-trained people are right here in Fiji.

“I guess one of the major difficulties we face is the lack of capital and it’s one thing to have a lot of man-power in the maritime industry, but it’s the work opportunity that we need to focus more on.

“We need to give more opportunities to our local workers and never undermine their capabilities.”

He said if Fiji continued to request for overseas talent or expertise most of the local experts would leave Fiji for better work opportunities.

“With that we lose out in the long run, so we need a lot of planning and that is something we need to strongly work on now,” he said.

“We need to train these upcoming maritime workers and guide them to become successful experts in their own field of work.

“We need workers who value our country and can work to improve the maritime industry in Fiji.”

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