Manifesto proposals

AS political parties prepare for this year’s poll, the Fiji United Freedom Party (FUFP) has revealed some of their proposals that would be included in the party’s manifesto.

The party revealed that they propose all political parties to engage in positive discussions to find better and new ways to deal with issues such as land rather than politicising and sensationalising the matter to evoke emotions of the people.

“We will back our proposals and solutions with necessary support in terms of finance and expertise,” the party stated.

FUFP also proposes a corporate structure that would empower the native landowners to stand up on their own without having to rely on government .

“The leasing mechanisms implemented many decades ago may have had right reasons to do so at that time. However, we must look at new and innovative ways to ensure protection of native land while providing necessary empowering mechanisms for people to prosper,” the party added.

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