Mangoes, kavika season in Labasa

Wailevu farmer in Labasa Kelevi Nagaga selling mangoes and kavika on the roadside by his village. Picture: VISHAAL KUMAR

IT IS mangoes and kavika-galore in Labasa this time with roadside vendors popping up along highways as the two fruits are now in season.

Among those vendors is 49-year-old Kelevi Nagaga, a farmer of Wailevu Village in Labasa.

Fiji Times Online met Mr Nagaga at his village where he set up tables to sell mangoes and kavika.

Mr Nagaga said the weather was good for selling and the fruits were in abundance.

“A lot of drivers are stopping by here for mangoes. We have been selling heaps of mangoes and kavika as well,” he said.

Mangoes are selling at $2 and $3 a heap, and kavika is selling at $2 a heap.

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