Mandir helps six evacuation centres

MEMBERS of the public in six evacuation centres within the Labasa Town area received food packs from the members of the Hindu Milan Mandir on Saturday.

The group’s president, Suresh Sharma, said they were honoured to be distributing food to the families.

“We issued over 300 food packs to the families and we are thankful to the business houses in Labasa for their kind support to the program,” said Mr Sharma.

“The group had initially thought of buying food rations for them, but we thought as it would be a favour to them that the food be cooked as this will create less hassle for them.

“I think as a community we are as strong as our weakest link and it takes unity and support to achieve that.”

Vulovi resident Sakiusa Fong said the kind gesture from the group showed there were people out there who knew of the helpless situation they were in.

“This makes me feel special and for the families out there the urge to go back to their homes and do good,” said Mr Fong.

Another resident, Emoni Donato, said they were thankful to the group for reaching out to them and the other five evacuation centres.

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