Man to remain in jail

A NADI carpenter will remain behind bars for at least 18 months for hitting his wife’s head with a hammer.

The High Court in Lautoka yesterday dismissed Sunil Dutt’s appeal against a two-year jail term handed by the Magistrates Court in November last year — which also included an 18-month non-parole term.

The court heard the violence stemmed from an argument in August 2015 over the use of a mobile phone.

Dutt, 47, assaulted his wife and hit her four times on the head with a hammer after he learned she had reported his “abusive actions” that morning to police.

He then locked her in the bedroom and told his son to take her to the hospital.

A medical examination report found a five centimetre laceration on her head and injuries to other parts of her body.

In his appeal, Dutt admitted causing harm to his wife but said he did not intend to cause grievous harm.

High Court judge Justice Paul Madigan said attacks to the head, especially with a sharp or heavy weapon would always be condemned by the courts because of the inherent danger of injury to the brain.

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