Man sells ‘rourou’ to feed family

Jone Mainasavu selling rourou at Lagilagi Housing. Picture: JONA KONATACI

In an effort to feed his family, Jone Mainasavu walked through Lagilagi housing at Gaji Rd, Suva selling bundles of rourou last week.

The masked 45-year-old walked up and down lanes running between the flats carrying bundles of rourou on his shoulder.

Mr Mainasavu said because of the COVID-19 lockdown he was told to stay away from work until the restrictions were lifted.

“I’m just doing this to feed my wife and daughter,” he said.

“I’ve been planting and maintaining a garden beside my house just so we could have fresh food and not have to spend so much on shopping every week.

“We had a lot of rourou so I thought we should sell some while I can’t go to work just to buy some things that we need at home.

“My boss said we would not be working until the lockdown was lifted, so I’m just trying to make up for lost income.”

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