Man jailed to 13 years for rape; Court says man is worse than an animal

AN unemployed man was yesterday sentenced to more than 13 years by the High Court in Lautoka for raping his 14-year-old daughter in three separate incidents last year.

While sentencing the father of six, Justice Sunil Sharma said the 44-year-old committed serious offences against his own daughter whom he was supposed to protect, care and love.

“You are a disgrace to the society, worse than an animal, even animals protect their own. The victim was unsuspecting and vulnerable, you had instilled fear in her by your conduct,” Justice Sharma said.

“You cannot be forgiven for what you have done to this child. You have not only scarred the victim’s life forever but have brought shame to all the fathers and broken the sanctity of the relationship,” he said.

The final sentence was 13 years nine months and 15 days, of which 12 years is to be served in prison before the convicted father is eligible for parole.