Man found dead at village bus stop

Four people have been arrested by Police in drug related cases. Picture: FILE

A 30 YEAR-OLD man is dead after his body was found motionless at the Naibita village bus stop in Tailevu.

According to a police statement issued this afternoon the man was pronounced dead on arrival after he was rushed to the hospital.

Chief Operations Officer ACP Maretino Qiolevu said in a separate incident a male victim who was heavily intoxicated was rushed to the Colonial War Memorial Hospital (CWM) after falling from the edge of Struan Street roundabout and landed on the Flea Market car park.

He said the man was now under observation in the hospital

ACP Qiolevu is reiterating to member’s of public to enjoy themselves responsibly as we countdown to New Years.

“I know we all want to enjoy ourselves but please be responsible.”

He said police would keep a close watch on all major centers around the country and also on our roads.

Both incidents are believed to be alcohol related.

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