Man found dead along tramline

A FAMILY is trying to come to terms with the loss of the head of their house, who was found dead along a tramline within Labasa Town boundary yesterday.

Sunia Mateiwai, 42, was found dead along the tramline next to a service station.

Urmila Devi, 41, of Siberia in Labasa, described her late husband, who hails from Qalikarua Village, Matuku in Lau, as a very caring man who was always ready to help others.

“I received the news of his death around 8am today (yesterday),” she said.

Ms Devi said her husband’s last words to her was he would return and for them to wait for him.

“He went to town to meet up with some of his friends and he never had his dinner.

“We waited for him at home until this morning. We got a shock to see few police officers arrive at our place and inform us that they found him at the tramline,” she said.

Ms Devi said she would miss her husband.

“We still can’t believe that we have lost him. It’s like he is still around.

“My husband was a farmer and would always help me sell vegetables in the market and I would look up to him for help but now he is no more,” she said.

Mr Mateiwai is survived by his wife and three children.

Fiji Police Force spokesperson Ana Naisoro said they were investigating the incident, adding the post-mortem examination result had been arranged to determine the cause of death.

“Through initial information gathered, we know that the victim was under the influence of liquor and was lying on the tramline when the incident happened.”

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