Man cleared of charges, considers lawsuit

A FORMER Nadi businessman charged with 10 counts of rape had the matter dismissed by the High Court in Lautoka last week after the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions filed a nolle prosequi on the first day of trial.

Narain Sammy Naidu said while he was glad to be cleared of all charges, the impact of the case on his reputation and the subsequent loss of business had been very traumatic.

“I spent seven weeks in remand for a case that should not have gone to court, I have lost my Australian permanent residency and my family has suffered through this ordeal,” he said.

Mr Naidu was accused of rape by an employee. It was alleged the incidents happened between 2007 and 2015.

However, a nolle prosequi was filed by the Director of Public Prosecutions Christopher Pryde at the High Court in Lautoka on Tuesday last week, terminating the prosecution.

Mr Naidu’s lawyer, Siddiq Faizal Koya, said his client was seriously considering filing a lawsuit against police about the manner in which the investigations were handled.

“One of the complainant’s witnesses came forward and said she had been pressured into making a statement that was not true,” said Mr Koya.

“As a result, the DPP filed a nolle prosequi and while we are happy with the outcome, the trauma that my client has been through and the losses he suffered have been quite significant.”

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