Man claims impersonation

A BUSINESSMAN who has been operating his business in Fiji for more than 25 years claims he was a victim of impersonation.

This was after his name was mentioned during a consultation on Yadua Island during the government’s maritime tour last week, where villagers claimed they caught him using explosives on their marine waters.

In an interview, the managing director of His Hand Trading Company Ltd, Sueng Lee, said the incident was nothing new to him.

“I have come across a lot of these incidents in the past where people use my name when they get caught illegally fishing in other people’s qoliqoli or preserved fishing area,” he said.

Mr Lee said he would never mean any harm to anyone.

“I first started my business in Fiji when I was 27 years old and I meant no harm at all because I know how the people of Fiji keep their qoliqoli areas and how much they preserve it for future use,” he said.

“There are a lot of illegal fishermen out there who have used my name a couple of times and I would be questioned by authorities but villagers have to get things right that I would never harm their marine waters. Mr Lee’s business is mostly on marine and noni juice exports.

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