Man, 73, jailed for rape

A 73-YEAR-OLD man, who raped his feeble neighbour after tying her waist with a rope and dragging her to his home, will have to serve five years of his eight-year jail term before being considered for parole.

High Court in Lautoka judge Justice Aruna Aluthge said it was sad Ami Chand had to spend his twilight years in prison but the punishment was meant to serve as a deterrent to others from committing such “an abhorrent crime”.

The woman’s husband worked as a labourer and the family lived in a dwelling annexed to Chand’s house.

Her husband was not at home on the day in question.

She was alone at home with her two daughters, one of whom saw Chand fondle her breasts while she was cooking roti.

Justice Aluthge said with no adult in the house at the time, Chand had exploited the vulnerability of the woman.

He said Chand also threatened to strangle her if she reported the incident to anybody.

He said Chand, who is 40 years older than the victim, was also insensitive to the fact that her daughters were at home at the time.

Justice Aluthge said although Chand was a first offender and had sought forgiveness, the court had no option but to send him to prison.

“Rape is prevalent in Fiji and has to be eliminated. The offenders must be punished to denounce such crimes and to send a clear message to the community.”

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