Malavika Mohanan: What really annoys me are sexist films


Malavika Mohanan is all set to make her debut in Hindi cinema with Iranian filmmaker Majid Majidi’s Beyond The Clouds, which features star kid Ishaan Khatter as her younger brother. In an interview to BT, the actress opened up about the kind of cinema she relates to.

While she loves watching all kinds of films, what she really finds abhorring is sexist cinema. She says, “I have never judged a film by its label or stereotypes; I don’t understand them and prefer not to use tags to define films. For me, it’s either a good film or a bad film. What really annoys me are sexist films, where stalking a girl, kissing her against her will or even slapping her butt is portrayed as heroism. I find such films really uncool. I hope that as an industry, we put an end to it, because films do influence young minds.”

The actress began her acting career with Malayalam cinema and was seen in Pattam Pole opposite Dulquer Salmaan. As someone who has worked in both industries, talking about the difference between Mollywood and Bollywood, she states, “I feel that the vibe of BTC is similar to that of a Malayalam film. It’s like one big family; even during lunch break, nobody retires to their respective rooms. In fact, there are no vanity vans on Malayalam movie sets. Everyone, including the biggest stars, sits together for lunch. Everyone is treated as an equal. However, on the sets of Hindi films in which my father has worked, actors return to vanity vans after their scene has been shot. Here, you sometimes see a kind of discrimination where people don’t interact with those who are junior to them (as far as their position in the industry is concerned). On the set of BTC, we ate and spent time together. Also, like Malayalam movies, we gave utmost importance to the story. I feel that a lot of Hindi films get lost in ego tussles ki kisi ko please karna hai…”

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