Making your vote count

Today is a very special day. For today is when about 520,000 voters take to the polls to decide on the politicians who will carry us forward for the next four years. It has been a long time coming.

For registered voters, pre-polling kicked off proceedings early this month, effectively setting the stage for a process that culminates today when you cast your vote.

And as the Supervisor of Elections Mohammed Saneem said yesterday, voting was everyone’s right.

In keeping with that line, he has urged all registered voters to come out in numbers. The important message is for you to cast your vote.

Yesterday the SOE was reassuring. The police, he said, would be providing security.

Your vote, he pointed out, “is valuable and you get an opportunity to vote after a lapse of eight years”.

There is “a huge amount of enthusiasm” hanging over the elections, he said.

For whatever it is worth, today is about making the effort to get to a polling centre. It is about doing what is right, and being part of the process that will determine the course our nation takes.

It is about having a hand in deciding who gets into parliament.

Understandably the system we are now using is very different from previous ones.

However, what is similar is the fact that it is you the voter who gets to choose our leaders.

We are at the crossroads so to speak.

It is the will of the people that should decide who gets the right to be in government.

But to get to that point it is critically important that you are part of the process.

Remember, each vote will count. When counting starts later this evening, your vote will make a difference.

Efforts to fix early hiccups during pre-polling hopefully have strengthened the process, paving the way for what happens today.

A 48-hour media blackout is also set to end later this evening.

There is no doubt about the fact that we have before us an event of mass proportion in terms of expectations and interest both locally and internationally.

As you head to the various polling centres today, there are important things to remember. Make sure you have your voter ID card for starters. Make sure you know where you are supposed to cast your vote and be there on time.

You can make your vote count.

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