Making ends meet

RARAWA Tale would travel from her home in Naikaciwa just to sell puddings, pies, and juice along the streets of Nausori.

This has been her daily routine for the past three years. In fact, Mrs Tale started off with this one business until a man approached and asked her if she wanted to rent a stall at the old bus stand.

Today she has two mini stalls — one is located at the old bus stand while the other is along the streets of the town.

The 43-year-old said that during the day she would make time to walk across the road just to check on her other stall.

“With my stall at the old bus stand I sell chicken with cassava, fried fish made in different dishes and roti — all these are made from home,” said Mrs Tale.

“I used to sell from home until one day I decided it was time I did something outside of my home. This has been our source of income because sometimes my husband isn’t working — he goes around from one place to another doing a bit of construction work or farming.”

The sole breadwinner for her family said despite a few challenges faced, she was always grateful to God for giving her the strength.

“The money I earn has helped me to pay for children’s school fees, bought house equipment, put food on the table and also pay for electricity and water bills,” she said.

“There’s a lot to be thankful for regardless of where you are in your life. I really enjoy what I do because it’s good hard earned money. On a really good week, I could rake in about $600 to $700 from both stalls. As long as it helps my children get a good education then I’m not going to complain about anything.”

The busiest days says Mrs Tale are Fridays and Saturdays.

“Pie sells for one dollar a piece and roti is for one dollar too whereas the fish and chicken serves are for five dollars,” she said.

“Hopefully in a few years time, I could open a restaurant in Nausori Town — that’s my ultimate plan and I do believe that anything is possible.

The thing is a lot of people are either afraid or shy to do what most of us women do but for us who sit here everyday, it’s good money and if we are getting enough to provide for our family then that’s something to be thankful for.”

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