Make use of their Mother’s Day deals

IF you want to choose convenience — choose Pacific Energy. The Pacific Energy Supermarket located along Ratu Dovi Rd in Laucala is your perfect one-stop shop.

Items are still on specials from their Mother’s Day deals where you can spend $20 or more on fuel and you can buy Cadbury dairy milk chocolates at nearly half price. Dove hamper packs are also on special at Pacific Energy Supermarket.

Interestingly, Pacific Energy is proud to have Hot Bread Kitchen at their supermarket. Not only you can fuel up and shop, but you will also find Hot Bread Kitchen specials there.

They have lamingtons, cakes, meat pies, sausage rolls for your real Pacific break. Tip Top ice cream and snacks are on special — perfect choice for this weather.

Not only that, Pacific Energy was proud to energise this year’s Coca — Cola Games with the aim to defy all odds and be the best in all you do. And despite the current global drop in oil prices, Pacific Energy has gone out of its way to reach out to the people affected by Severe TC Winston. Pacific Energy SWP Ltd is supporting the relief works to people affected by TC Winston and is now supporting Fiji Red Cross Society and Global Compassion, who are working towards the second phase of relief works.

This means each organisation will have a fair share of $41,281.78 each from the contribution.

On their Facebook page, the company thanked the people of Fiji for fuelling up and supporting the relief work by the Fiji Red Cross Society and Global Compassion in this past month at the 14 participating sites.

“Because you drove in and fuelled up, the two NGOs we are able to receive $41,000 each to continue its phase two relief works for those who have been severely affected by TC Winston,” it says.

There is one more month to go and they’re urging everyone to make this month count. The Relief Drive ends on the 28th of May 2016.

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