Make the smart choice

As all are aware APCO launched its new range of water proofing products under Smart Care brand in September 2015.

Smart Care Damp Block which is meant for interiors is said to have Nanotechnology and Crystalline technology.

It allows water vapour but not water to come out of the walls thus effectively protecting the paint film.

Smart Care Damp Proof which is designed for exteriors is fibre reinforced. Hence it protects the exteriors walls by blocking the rain water from getting inside while the elastomeric nature of the product helps bridge hairline cracks up to 0.8mm.

One of the leading architects of Fiji Jitendra T Narsey used Smart Care Damp Proof and Damp Block on his house.

He said: “I had issues of paint peeling due to water ingress in my house’s retaining wall. I used the product in September 2015 and till now it has worked”.

When asked about the best feature of the product, he said: “The treatment is on the face of the wall and hence no access was required from behind the wall”.

APCO’s marketing manager Augustes Arun said: “These products have been well received in the market and is available in all leading hardware stores across Fiji.

“These are tried and tested products under various climatic conditions and hence will work perfectly for Fiji’s tropical climatic conditions”.

We believe such products with world-class technology will help house owners in Fiji have a brilliant smile on their face.

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