Make smart choices

A GOOD nutrition starts with smart choices in the grocery store. The statement is true for Navoka and his family who believe that anything that will get you and your family to eat more fruits and vegetables is worth the extra expense.

As any other ordinary family they prefer to do shop at MHCC, RB Centre point, New World Damodar City Centre and Shop & Save in Valelevu.

He said they shopped fortnightly and spent $150 on food and basics toiletries for his mum, two sisters, nephew and off course himself.

“I love the wide varieties of items they have readily available on their shelves which allow us the buyers to choose from,” Navoka said.

When it comes to shopping he said everyone in his family had a role to play.

Navoka said the family even had a weekly menu which they followed.

“The advantages of having a weekly menu are that it saves money, allows us to eat healthy, less stress, saves time,” Navoka said.

“Always write out a shopping list to allow you to stay within your budget and this helps avoid impulsive buying.

“Some of us can change our shopping partners which plays a vital role in the influence we get while and during shopping.”

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