Make a difference

A lot of people usually thank me for what I contribute to this column but now and then I get the usual jibe from a friend or relative about how I complain too much. I usually take their opinions on board because I believe in this forum and the age old saying “the pen is mightier than the sword” and I do make a difference.

I mean take for example my constant calling for a footpath and bus shelters in Cunningham have come to fruition and I thank the big wigs for their efforts. So while I am here, I might as well chuck in another plight, and I know the minister said “once we have four lanes it should make travelling smoother and we will even have a dedicated bus lane so more people can ride the buses”. Now I believe he was just reading from some thesis because I don’t believe he has ever tried to or caught a bus during rush hour. Especially when drivers pack you in like sardines and the seats are small like in the new buses or it doesn’t have an air con system especially when it rains, because I tell you it isn’t comfortable thus the reason every working Fijian will try to purchase their own vehicle.

Now we hear that the eticketing was meant for FRCA to actually see how much the bus companies were making, but who suffers in the end? The very person this service was intended for in the first place, the common man. If you want to cut traffic then at least make the buses comfortable for the different weather, have buses run on schedule like the buses that travel to the West and just maybe we can have some degree of comfort when catching the most favoured mode of transport.

But I still call in the big wigs to start thinking about the future as come the next election our roads will truly be in a worse condition during rush hour, let’s start planning for the future now and not wait for the next 10 years, while at the same time keeping up our maintenance so we don’t have a repeat of the Vatuwaqa bridge saga.

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