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THE airport, traditionally a place of travel and transit, has nowadays transformed into a place of conducting business.

In Fiji’s context, our airports have undergone recent major upgrades, keeping both the Nadi and Nausori International airports up to par with international standards.

One of Fiji’s private businesses — Media Metro — plays an important role at our airports in promoting Fijian corporate businesses and most importantly our tourism operators, further boosting efforts in marketing Fiji to visitors who flock our shores.

The company is the licensed concessionaire for advertising at Nadi International Airport and Nausori International Airport, and offers indoor and outdoor advertising options at a range of premium locations around Nadi.

And if any frequent international traveller who passes through our airports in Nausori and Nadi will attest to this with the various attractive billboards and digital signage in and outside the airports.

According to Media Metro managing director Grant Moreton, the company has had the license of advertising at the airport for the past two years which has given them the competitive advantage to develop a very strong customer base.

“One of the things that are interesting about the airport is its changing environment every day,” he told this newspaper during an interview.

“We’ve got people coming in mostly from Australia, which is a different market, you’ve got people coming from New Zealand and Asia, and also North America so they are a very diversified group of people coming in and have different requirements,” he said.

“Media Metro has the exclusive contract which we have just recently won for another lengthy period. And anyone that wants to advertise at the airport needs to work with our team and we are very accommodating.

“So one of the secrets to our success is we have a very strong team, such as a business development manager who specialises and they not only work in Nadi but also in Suva.”

The company offers advertising services mainly to the tourism industry to promote their businesses, targeting the many tourists that visit Fiji daily.

“And also the corporate businesses in Fiji, again promoting their banking facilities, travel arrangements with airlines, tourism excursions and accommodation,” Mr Grant said.

“We also look after a lot of advertising outside the airport, at Port Denarau, also road signage, and we are looking to further expand our business in Suva. So we provide a very broad base of advertising services.”

And with the airports recent multi-million dollar upgrade to a more world class facility, the company has had to develop its advertising methods, keeping in par with international standards.

“We follow the trends of international markets, so I as the managing director attend international trade shows,” Mr Grant said.

“So all the new signage that has been installed in the airport is world class and all high-end quality and is all part of the scope of the airport that has had a major upgrade.

“We have installed a lot of new equipment throughout the airport, light boxes, new digital signs that is about to be installed.”

Mr Moreton said the airport had a very strategic environment for big companies and corporate players to conduct business.

“One of the things about an airport is, it’s always a high profile area, most probably the highest precinct in Nadi,” he said.

“It also caters for most of Fiji’s corporate business travellers, as well as international tourists and domestic tourists which are friends and family returning to Fiji after being overseas or living off-shore.

“We’ve had the likes of Burger King, some of the new food offerings at the airport. People meet and greet, they drop off families so they tend to be at an airport for quite a long time.

“Again, very important for our key advertisers so they can pitch their brand and push it on to various different markets.”

With their rapid expansion and growing customer base and client portfolio, Media Metro has ambitious plans to expand their advertising business to Suva.

“The council contracts will come up for tender next year, and we will be looking to put in a tender response and to look at alternative advertising options for the current incumbents that are in operation in Nadi, Lautoka.

“We have the benefit to leverage off a lot of our expertise we had learned out of NZ and Australia.

The business, Media Metro has been in business in Fiji for the past 12 years and is owned by Mr Moreton who has operated businesses in Fiji, mainly at the airports and in international telecommunications industry for more than 17 years.

Mr Moreton also serves as a director and investor in multiple private companies in the telecommunications, tourism and advertising sectors across New Zealand, Australia including Fiji.

“Fiji was a place my family loved to travel into and we came here for holidays and we found love for the country and its people,” he said.

“I could see opportunities the airport was lacking, so I approached the airport and developed a strategy around advertising and we were able to work with the previous airport management.”

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