Major planned water shutdown for Nadi, Lautoka

RESIDENTS living in Nadi and Lautoka are expected experience interruptions to their water supply on Saturday, September 29, which is about two weeks from today.

The major planned water shutdown in the areas is part of Water Authority of Fiji’s (WAF) complex works to install the new Vanessa Valves and Pressure Transducer Pipes at its Nagado Water Treatment Plant (WTP) in Nadi.

The works will commence from Saturday, September 29 to October 2, 2018.

The areas affected will be the whole Nadi area and certain areas in Lautoka, excluding the Lautoka City Centre and some outer boundaries of Lautoka that are supplied through the Buabua and Saru Water Treatment Plants.

A media statement from WAF stated that the installation works will be carried out by a highly reputable and experienced Engineering Contractor in the country.

WAF board chairman Bhavesh Kumar said the two new Vanessa valves had been purchased and manufactured in Italy.
It has also arrived into the country and were now ready to be installed.

“We have decided to carry out these works due to its critical nature of operations as well as the potential risks that could occur if this was to be done at a later time,” Mr Kumar said.
After the installation of the two Vanessa Valves, the Polyjet Valve (which was removed in June) will be installed without causing any major water disruption on a later date.

“The Authority highly regrets any inconvenience caused to its customers and is committed to getting water supply normalised as soon as possible,” he said.

Meanwhile, customers in Nadi and Lautoka can contact the emergency toll-free short code 1507 or email for further enquiries.

This will be available 24 hours a day, during the shutdown period.

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