Magnitude 7 earthquake strikes Papua New Guinea

A magnitude-7 earthquake has hit Papua New Guinea.

9NEWS – A magnitude-7 earthquake has hit Papua New Guinea.

It struck the island of New Britain this morning, and the Pacific Tsunami Warning Centre said there is now a threat of a tsunami.

The quake hit 118 kilometres from Kimbe.

A minor earthquake also hit Bali this morning.

Tourists and locals said they were woken by the magnitude-6 quake, the latest in a series to strike the country.

The epicentre was off the coast, north north-east of Sumberanyar, according to the United States Geological Survey.

Central Sulawesi was devastated when hit by a 7.5 magnitude quake last month which killed almost 2000 people with hundreds more still missing.

Around 100 people died on the island of Lombok August when an earthquake measuring 7 struck and was followed by aftershocks.

The quake was felt in Bali and tourists – many Australian – had to be evacuated from the Gilli Islands off the coast.

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