Mace excite public

THE much talked about Parliament mace excited the people when they visited the booths during the Parliament bus program in Labasa yesterday.

Children who were accompanied by their parents spent time at the booths holding the mace and wore the wigs.

Primary school student Jekope Tomu did not bother asking for permission to wear the wigs but instead pulled it and put it on his head.

And with a big smile he said: “Set saraga qo (this is set),” he said.

“I always see this on television or in the newspaper but when I saw it in the booth while walking past the car park, I got excited and ran in to touch it.

“This is the first time in my life to touch it so I have to wear the wigs because it might not come back to Labasa.”

His friends, Doyel and Dharshik Datt were as exited and held on to the mace when they visited the booth.

“The mace is so smooth and I only saw it in the newspaper. When I saw it here in the booth, I made sure my parents came with us to see these things,” Dharshik said.

And other visitors at the booth considered themselves blessed because the newly launched program was first brought to Labasa.

The civic education and media team at the booth told the public that Labasa was the first place for the awareness program.

The team also visited Holy Family Secondary School and news of their visit drew a lot of people to their booth at the Takia Hotel car park.

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