Lutz won’t do nude scenes

Kellan Lutz has a “nudity clause” whenever he takes on an acting job. The 32-year-old actor has insisted he’ll never strip his clothes off for his career, as he doesn’t believe it is necessary for creating a scene, and has implemented a clause in his contracts which prevents directors from asking him to take his kit off.

He said: “I have a nudity clause. I just don’t think nudity needs to happen. For me, I don’t need to walk out of a shower showing my ass.

“God gave me this body. He gave me the genetics. He gave me the ability to work out. He gave me the drive to do what I do, so I’m going to do it until he takes me out of it.” The Twilight actor also admits a large part of his decision to keep his clothes on is due to “boundaries” he has set with his fiancée Brittany Gonzales.

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