Lusaka trial: State prosecutor calls for deterrent sentence

Alledged murderer Lusaka outside the Suva High Court. Picture: RAMA

Jenna’s children have already received a life sentence.

Christopher Downes, the father of murdered United Nations World Food Programme staff member Jennifer Anne Downes, said this in his victim impact statement read in the High Court in Suva when sentencing and mitigation submissions were called for Kiala Henri Lusaka yesterday.

He said his family had been grieving for three years, and losing his daughter was like having a piece of his soul ripped away.

“Jenna was vibrant, committed to her family and her work,” he said.

“From her youngest days, growing up in Australia, she always was compassionate and had great care for others.

“At the age of 14 she sponsored her first refugee child, saving half her pocket money each week to send as a charitable donation.”

He said she attained a bachelors degree in international relations, began her life long career as a humanitarian aid worker and was always the sole breadwinner in her family.

“She helped build hospitals in Africa, she helped those less fortunate, she enabled logistic aid development throughout the Pacific region.

“She regarded her work with the UN based in Suva as a high point in her career.

“It is a tragedy that it was cut short by murder.”

Mr Downes said the worst and most tragic of all those impacted by her murder were her three children, who were in the home when the tragedy took place.

Mr Downes said whatever sentence Lusaka received, his grandchildren already had a life sentence.

State prosecutor Juleen Fatiaki submitted the facts of the case called for a deterrent sentence of 20 to 25 years imprisonment to reflect the criminality displayed.

The matter will be called on Friday for sentencing.

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