Lucky to be alive, says resident

A FAMILY living at Veisari along the Queens Rd in Lami is lucky to be alive after a landslide happened a few metres away from their home early yesterday morning.

Luisa Nagonevou, who has been living in the area for the past six years, said she was grateful that no one from her family was injured.

“It was raining so heavily last night that when our neighbour called us over the phone. We didn’t pick up because we were sleeping at that time,” she said.

“She then came personally in the rain just to tell us what had happened. It was dark that time and we couldn’t see properly. Then, in the morning, we saw the true extent of the damage. I couldn’t believe my eyes.”

Ms Nagonevou said the Fiji Electricity Authority post in front of her house luckily did not fall, because if it did then the family could have been electrocuted by the fallen live wires.

“I am too afraid to look at the extent of the landslide from here. The workers are clearing the site to open it for traffic, but as you can see by their struggles that it is not an easy job,” she said yesterday afternoon.

She said her husband worked at Wailada in Lami and because of the landslide, he could not go to work yesterday.

“He called his employer this morning advising them of the situation here. I also didn’t send my son to school today because of safety reasons.”

Ms Nagonevou said her family would always be scared when it rained in future, knowing that landslides could occur at any time.

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