LTA warns on permits

THE Land Transport Authority has warned people that they cannot purchase or process taxi, minibus or any other public service vehicle permits unless it takes place at its office over the counter.

“Outside of this, no transaction involving LTA will be accepted,” said LTA acting chief executive officer Aptinko Vaurasi. Mr Vaurasi’s comments come after an increase in fraudulent transactions by people posing as LTA executives who offer to get taxi or other permits in exchange for cash.

“The authority is receiving an average six complaints per week. The fraudulent charges have been as high as $17,000 and people have paid big money for nothing.

“These transactions often take place on the telephone where the unsuspecting buyer is charged a certain amount of cash for a permit — often through a money transfer service or in a bank account.”

Mr Vaurasi has reminded the public that LTA will not accept, process or attend to any request for a PSV permit application because all PSV permits excluding rental and hire have been frozen since 2011.

“We urge the public to contact the police or Fiji Independent Commission Against Corruption if anyone promises you an LTA permit outside of an LTA office.

“Those found guilty of this type of fraudulent activity will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law,” he warned.

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