LTA warns of fake plate

LTA Board Chairperson Vijay Maharaj showing the fake taxi number plate. Picture: JOVESA NAISUA

THE Land Transport Authority has today issued a stern warning to all drivers to be wary of fake number plates.

This after several vehicles were found to have non-conforming number plates this week.

LTA’s board chairman Vijay Maharaj has stated that a taxi was caught last week with a forged number plate.

“In one instance a taxi was caught whereby the number plate of the vehicle was forged and the owner of the taxi was brought to the LTA headquarters for interrogation,” Mr Maharaj said.

To ensure the safety of its members, LTA will be rolling out zonal platers for all taxis soon.

“The plate colour for all taxis running in the northern division will be a shade of orange, while the western taxi plates colour is sky blue,” he said.

“This is followed by lime green plates for all Central/Eastern taxis.”