LTA officers

It’s time now to change our perception about LTA officers in our country.

If one or a few potatoes are rotten in a bag, that doesn’t mean the whole bag is rotten.

Awarding officers for their integrity and honesty is a very good initiative by the LTA chief executive officer.

This encourages all officers to uphold their code of ethics and values when engaging with members of the public (fijivillage – 14/7/17).

We often try to name and discipline the unethical ones in the lot, but we hardly recognise or reward the ethical ones around us.

There are also many other sincere and honest LTA officers like Marika and Nomneet (technical officers – Central Eastern), but we fail to acknowledge once our job is done with them.

Thus, we become selfish and only cry loud for others to hear if and when we are not satisfied with their service.

Families and community backgrounds play a very important role in one’s upbringing as honesty and integrity cannot be adopted overnight.

Thus, not forgetting to thank the families of Marika and Nomneet for moulding and guiding them, for who they are and what they have received today.

These two have set an example for others to follow from today.

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