LTA: 581 illegal operators booked nationwide

Taxi operators are urged to beef up their services and ensure they meet the demand for the service so it can address the issue of illegal operators. Picture: FT FILE

A TOTAL of 581 illegal operators have been booked nationwide and have been issued traffic infringement notices or provided with warning letters for contravening their license condition.

Land Transport Authority board chairperson Vijay Maharaj said 19 vehicles had been impounded as a result of habitual offending.

Mr Maharaj has urged taxi operators to beef up their services and ensure they met the demand for the service, which will assist in curbing illegal operators.

He said in order to curb the illegal taxi operators on the road, LTA had begun a nationwide operation.

He said in a week, a total of 102 illegal operators had been booked.

“Be mindful of the safety of the passengers who have bestowed their trusts on you (drivers) in due course of their destined journey as one little mischief on the road can cost innocent lives,” said Mr Maharaj.

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