Low enrolment for science subjects

“AS PER the enrolment data in the past two years, it is evident that there is a declining student interest in science subjects at Year 12 and 13 level, especially in biology, chemistry and physics.”

This was revealed by Minister for Education Dr Mahendra Reddy while launching the National Science and Technology Competition in Suva yesterday.

In physics, for instance, Dr Reddy said Year 13 had 2068 students enrolled in 2016 compared with only 1269 enrolled this year and Year 12 had 3147 students enrolled last year compared with 2131 this year.

He said most students had lost interest in science subjects.

He said most students lost interest in science subjects as there were preconceived ideas that science and technology subjects were difficult and that there were a lack of career opportunities in science and technology fields in Fiji.

“Apart from this, in Fiji, science subjects have also been characterised with low pass rates over the years which had led to less number of students progressing from Year 12 to Year 13 for sciences,” he said.

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