Loss of livestock

THE Fiji Cooperative Dairy Company Ltd (FCDCL) has lost about 4000 to 5000 cattle since 2014 to tuberculosis, resulting in a reduction in milk production.

This was revealed by the FCDCL farm services manager Maciu Raikoso while speaking to this newspaper yesterday.

Mr Raikoso said the loss was about 45 per cent of their total stock.

“This means that the production that we used to have before has reduced,” he said.

Northland Farmers Cooperative Ltd chairman Hirday Lakhan confirmed some farmers had their cattle slaughtered as a result of TB this year.

“Relevant authorities are still conducting this TB test. They need to continue to do the test so that this issue can be eradicated,” Mr Lakhan said.

Mr Raikoso also said there were no replacements for these stock once removed from the farms or taken for slaughter.

He said the cooperative was working hard to find a way to have these cattle replaced.

“All the animals tested and found positive are removed from the farms and slaughtered and at this point in time, there are no replacement stock so the cooperative is working closely with the Government to allow for the importation of animals from overseas.

“We have talked with the minister and they have revealed that they will be talking with Biosecurity Authority of Fiji and see ways we can do that.”



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