Losing respect

As a Fijian citizen and a young father, I am concerned about the behaviour shown by this generation of children in Fiji.

I grew up in a time where students had values and were cautious of what they did.

Speaking to an elderly person is presented in a respectful tone with a humble gesture.

Addressing teachers with the appropriate professional manner is not a norm, but something that has meaning.

Even when a professional figure of other discipline visited schools, the person is respected with a very high regard.

I wonder what has gone wrong?

Who should we blame?

Should we even be pointing fingers?

If we say that it is the students’ problems, why?

After all, who nurtured them to be the person they have become?

Are they partly to be blamed?

More often now we adults are quick to point fingers not realising that majority are pointing at us.

Why is it that students’ behaviour have changed in terms of respect towards adults or professions of various discipline?

I believe they have lost the meaning and thus find no value in it.

A Tahitian visited Fiji for the first time saw me in my ‘sulu’ and asked: “Why are you wearing a skirt?”

My point is that he would not have made the comment had he understood my culture.

I believe students now see no point in showing respect.

They have lost the meaning of it.

After all, adults show no respect for them. In addition to that, I believe they have not been taught about the value of respect.

Maybe we have also lost the value of our students.

Where do we start? We start with us adults.

Let us work together for the benefit of Fiji in the future, let us value our students. Vinaka.

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