Lomia set for Kumar battle

NEWCOMER Josefa Lomia from Ra is expected to shine during the Kiran Boxing Promotions program today.

He will be replacing Junior Wahid Khan in the 6×3 minute lightweight clash.

This will be his second professional bout.

His manager Leca Fotu said while Josefa was small in stature he packed powerful punches.

“He is a strong boxer,” Fotu said.

“He is short but fights like Mike Tyson. This will be one of the fights to watch during the program.”

Fights: 8x3min (welterweight) Ronald Naidu-Rakuro Daunivanana; 6x3min (super welterweight) Krishna Mudaliar-Franco Frazer, (flyweight) Sachin Mudaliar-Ritesh Gounder, (super welterweight) Krishneel Mudaliar-Savenaca Goneva, (lightweight) Josefa Lomia-Rahul Aron Kumar, (super middleweight) Felix Wiliame Chongsue-Sauha Naico, (heavyweight) Jonasa Kavika-Rupeni Rasaku, (super middleweight) Mosese Tuinanoa-Asivurosi Turasa; 4x3min (super middleweight) Elenoa Nataniniga-Katrina Singh; 3x3min (exhibition) Ratu Dole Sauqaqa-Junior Naliva.

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