‘Locked into fight’

BOXER Sebastian ‘Sniper’ Singh said he’s committed to Westwood Boxing promotions for the rest of the year and would not fight under any other promotion.

Canada Fiji Southern Boxing promoter Simon Naushad had earlier told this newspaper they were ready to promote a program but Singh yesterday cancelled any further talks.

Praneel Dass, the Westwood Boxing promoter, is keen to schedule a program in either May or June in Nadi and is interested to see the Sniper fight against experienced boxer Abhay Chand.

Singh, on the other hand, said nothing was finalised yet but he would not mind facing either Abhay Chand or Siliveni Nawai.

“I’m locked into fight under Westwood Boxing promotions for the whole year.

“I have put myself in with a stable promoter because in the past some promoters have gone back and forth with me,” he said.

“I think Praneel (Dass) is trying to line up Abhay Chand and Nawai. Whoever comes through, I’m ready.

“These guys are talking on social media — being keyboard warriors, I’m just waiting for one of these guys to sign the contract and get on it.

“For me, it’s just another fight — Chand and Nawai calling me out is justified as they made a name for themselves and they are there on top.

“Others who are challenging me just want to make a name for themselves through me.”

Promoter Dass said he was waiting for the confirmation dates from the Boxing Commission of Fiji before finalising the program which is scheduled for either May or June. Further talks are continuing with the camps and we are just waiting for the sign up.

“Sebastian versus Abhay will be one of the biggest fights of the year. Abhay is a very experienced boxer — it will be a clash.”

Meanwhile, Dass revealed that his previous program held at Novotel Suva Lami Bay Convention Centre failed financially.

“It was a total loss but the event was very successful. The atmosphere was great and with the exception of a few people, most enjoyed,” Dass said.

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