Local speakers for construction meet

THE Construction Industry Council has emphasised that its upcoming conference would only include local speakers that were set to address issues experienced in the local scene.

CIC conference organising chairman Gordon Jenkins said the topics would be presented to the delegates in the form of resolutions, where each would be introduced by a presenter that was yet to be named.

“One of the key points the organising committee has emphasised is that all speakers must be local, the issues being raised need to be explored by those in the industry,” Mr Jenkins said in a statement.

“But this will allow for discussions from delegates on the floor that should help shape the final form of the resolution that is expected to be presented for endorsement at the end of the twoday event.”

The CIC conference has been set for June 14, 15 and 16 at the Warwick Resort.

The topics include licensing the industry, training, standards as well as minimising disputes, but time is also being allocated for other concerns expected to be raised during the sessions.

Mr Jenkins said that delegate fees had been set at $300 and would include luncheons, coffee breaks and the final night dinner.

“The response so far has been very encouraging. We will soon be sending out registration forms. We are also including Warwick Resort reservation forms,” Mr Jenkins said.

“Although we are not involved in accommodation, there may be those who want to book at the conference venue early, so this may be of help.”

In addition a trade show is being organised to be primarily located in a large tent adjacent to the conference centre.

With the delegates representing all corners of the construction industry, interested exhibitors have already told us that this is the perfect opportunity to share products and services directly with their market, he said.

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