Local leaders

I never hear of critics saying a good word on what our government leader and PM Voreqe Bainimarama is achieving in the world front for our country, mending our bilateral international ties and building bridges now in Australia and New Zealand.

I do not also hear words of appreciation for what President Jioji Konrote is undertaking now during his current tour of duty on behalf of all Fijians, and great leadership qualities indeed possessed by these two high offices of the land.

Do we say that it is expected of them or do we take it for granted it is the norm for they are paid to do it?

Is it Fijian nature that we only scrutinise, target, criticise and crucify them when we see fit and assume they have done wrong? Where are our customs, tradition and culture?

It doesn’t cost or take one much to acknowledge a good deed worthy of praise. Giving credit where it is rightly due.

Toso Viti, sau Viti.

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