Local Government ministry searches for special administrators

The Minister for Local Government Premila Kumar. Picture: FT FILE/JOVESA NAISUA

THE Ministry of Local Government will search and appoint up to five Special Administrators to oversee the strategic management and provide direction to municipal councils.

Local Government Minister Premila Kumar made this known in Parliament yesterday in her ministerial statement touching on municipal elections and reforms.

She said they had also commenced their search for chief executive officers and heads of departments who would then form the management team and report to the team of special administrators.

“We must first focus on instilling the necessary accountability for our councils, preventing them from quickly devolving into the culture of corruption that mired our communities for decades,” Mrs Kumar said.

The Minister said that there had been the troubled history of Fiji’s municipal councils – one rife with scandals, corruption, and squandering of ratepayer money; and the major reason of the comprehensive reform by Government before any municipal elections were held.

Since 2009, Fijian municipal councils had appointed council members known as special administrators.

Those special administrators had included specifically-appointed roles, including council chair, council CEOs and heads of departments.

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