Local car rental company anticipates a full booking

Shahruk Ahmed works as a driver at the Coastal Rental Cars Pte Ltd in Sigatoka. Picture: REINAL CHAND

Sigatoka-based Coastal Rental Cars Pte Ltd is expecting a full booking in the coming weeks with tourist numbers expected to increase during the festive season.

Managing director Jeral Sharma said there was good feedback after the border re-opening.

“The way it is looking now, in another two weeks’ time, we should be fully booked out,” he said.

Mr Sharma said as tour operators, their line of work is completely dependent on the tourism industry.

“Our business is Care Fiji Certified-approved and the re-opening has created a lot of job opportunities as we have called back around 30 of our employees.”

He said other tourism-related business has also been stagnant over the past 20 months in the Western Division.

“We are hopeful in the coming months, business would increase by 70 to 80 per cent, as everything depends on the tourism recovery,” said Mr Sharma.

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